ADGEX is a modern high-tech developer of green progressive technologies. Our solutions are aimed to tackle the most pressing environmental challenges, delivering sustained robust growth.

ADGEX’s business activities are oriented at innovative technological expansion, the groundwork of which forms leading-edge thinking in science and radically new solutions in business.

Breakthrough technologies of ADGEX is the exciter of a modern technological pattern, meant to bring new benefits and living standards for all people on Earth.

Target Markets
& Business Fields

Intellectual Microelectronics

Electronics of new architecture based on vacuum hardware components

Smart advanced artificial intelligence

Renewable Alternative Energy

High-effective backup energy storage facilities energyBRICK for residential and commercial needs

Self-contained life support systems

Green Energy Distribution

Uninterrupted transmission of electric energy for any distance using all traditional transportation modes

E-mobility & Transport Solutions

Power-efficient traction and stand-by batteries for all types of electric vehicles

Energy recovery systems & electric motors for e-vehicles

Advanced elevated rail system UPRAIL

Waste To Energy Conversion

Mobile processors greenBLAZE for conversion of all type of waste and carbon-contained materials into fuel and electric energy

Water Conditioning And Purification

Sewage water treatment

Water purification (drinking, technical and special-purpose water)

Material Engineering

Synthesis of ultra-prefect crystals

Electric Drives

New generation of space-saving electric motors

EC-gearing – new type of a toothed gearing

Upcoming Projects
Advanced elevated railroad system
Flat electric motors of a modular split-type structure
Universal integrated equipment for water treatment and purification

ViableGREEN is a group of caring and ambitious people, ready to pursue their goals in making our Planet safer, greener and a better place to live!

Our philosophy is in a constant development and introduction of new disruptive technologies into large infrastructure projects. Not only do we minimize environmental pollution, but also remediate the environmental balance of our Planet.

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