Energy Complexes greenBLAZE

ADGEX BLAZE presents unique energy complexes greenBLAZE, designed for conversion of all type of carbon-contained wastes and materials into green energy carriers.

Universal mobile systems greenBLAZE are able to convert all types of wastes and materials into high-grade synthetic motor fuel (non-frezzing “ARCTIC” diesel and / or petrol with octane rating 98-100), heat and electric energy.

Conversion technology is based on innovative safe and eco-friendly method of high-temperature vacuum destruction. It allows reaching matchless quality of end market products and provides the highest level of efficiency and operation performance.

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ADGEX BLAZE provides tailored approach to all Customers and will deliver required number of greenBLAZE complexes to the operation site at the earliest. greenBLAZE processors has a short deployment time, and universal mobility allows delivering them easily to remote areas using conventional transportation modes, i.e. rail, roads, waterways.

greenBLAZE processors feature mobility, complete automation and self-sufficiency. It doesn’t need to be connected to any external power sources as all resources necessary for uninterrupted operation are produced by the processor itself. Mobile design makes it possible to transport the processors to different landfills and waste dumps.

greenBLAZE processors require no waste separation. They convert all unsorted wastes into high-profitable energy sources – electric energy, motor fuel and heat. greenBLAZE units can be directly connected to power grid to transmit generated electricity to end customers. Also produced electric energy can be transported using energyBRICK units – unique mobile energy modules, featuring low discharge level and high safety reserve. energyBRICK can be delivered to all hard-to-reach areas using vehicles, rail or maritime transport, then commissioned shortly without any heavyweight equipment and easily replaced if necessary.

Unique structure of greenBLAZE Processors allows forming movable mobile waste-to-energy complexes based on the trucks or vessels.


Movable mobile complexes greenBLAZE make it possible to clean the cities from ever-increasing wastes and fundamentally change waste management industry. Mobile greenBLAZE complexes mounted on the truck will cruise around the cities and process collected wasted on the move without need to deliver it to huge processing and recycling facilities. Such approach allows simplifying current waste collection and utilization methods, cleansing the cities and entire regions from both accumulated wastes and landfilling. Just 5 greenBLAZE trucks are able to generate from 5 to 8 MW of electric energy per 1 hour, that is equivalent of the energy generated by large heat, hydro or any other power plants. Such movable waste processing vehicles will deliver to the dispatcher point end product - electric energy stored in energyBRICK units.

Today global ocean contains thousands of million tons of waste with total area of millions square kilometers. Mariners map the routes bypassing waste spots to avoid the wastes being winded around the ship’s propellers. No one wants to get stuck in debris for months. greenBLAZE processors mounted on the vessels and ships are able to collect and process all wastes from the ocean with recovery of electric energy and fuel. Generated energy is to be used to power up greenBLAZE floating platforms and also stored in energyBRICK units positioned on each such vessel.

Stationary versions of greenBLAZE processors of high capacities can provide remote areas with comprehensive system of waste utilization, producing green and affordable energy. Such systems make it possible to establish autonomous communities, independent from the centralized power networks. Hard-to-reach regions experiencing continuous outages and shortage of electric energy supply, may now forget about similar problems once and for all as greenBLAZE operates in 24/7 mode, generating electricity and heat energy. Moreover, stored electric energy in energyBRICK units eliminates power breakdowns even in case of emergency or Acts of God.

The Project Background


Production of pilot prototype


Testing and proving the technology


Upgrade of the technology following the results of 2-years testing and production of the first greenBLAZE-50 processor


Perfection of the technology with recovery of preplanned light fractions of carbonaceous products

2016 september

Production of greenBLAZE-120 processor

2016 december

Australian market research and introduction of greenBLAZE processor to Australian government

2017 february

The first international presentation was held. Signing of the MoUs with leading local & international companies

2017 march

Design of franchising business model of national waste treatment operator of Australia for the proof of concept within the Federal Program of Queensland Government

2017 april

ADGEX LIMITED has been awarded Diploma of the laureate in the nomination “Excellence in the environmental sustainability of greenBLAZE technology” by the Golden Chariot Association held under aegis of United Nation in Geneva, Switzerland

2017 may

Commencement of production commercial greenBLAZE-200 processors to be delivered to Brisbane, Australia

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2017 june

Development of Technical Specifications for greenBLAZE waste-to-energy complex and its registration in Russian Scientific and Technical Centre for Information on Standardization, Metrology and Conformity Assessment “STANDARTINFORM”.

2017 july

Adoption of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001-2016 Standards

Certificate of conformity to ISO 9001:2015
Certificate of conformity to ISO 14001:2016

greenBLAZE is a unique resource-saving solution, able to preserve our Planet pristine and provide ecological balance of nature.