Waste Recycling Problem

The amount of garbage on our planet has already reached a critical level and became an explosive social issue
Every day humanity produces 6 times more waste than it can utilize.
tons of waste
Modern waste incineration plants are incredibly dangerous for the environment.
Waste landfilling and burning cause irreparable harm to the people’s health and nature.
Waste landfilling and burning cause irreparable harm to the people’s health and nature.
Disposal and Processing
  • Industrial and Municipal Waste
  • Rubber and Plastic
  • Wood Waste
  • Agriculture Waste
  • Livestock Waste
  • Oil Sludge
Environmentally responsible conversion of all sorts of carbon-contained wastes and materials
  • Electric Power
  • Heat Energy
  • Distilled Water
  • Ash Residue
GreenBLAZE - is a universal mobile multifunctional processor featuring no open burning, operated under high-temperature vacuum destruction method
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Key Highlights

Environmental Safety
Due to design features and temperature conditions, the greenBLAZE operation is not based on the process of burning as all modern waste to energy technologies do. Instead, the processor decomposes the feedstock to the molecular level, completely destroying toxic substances that pollute the environment and inflict damage to people and wildlife.
The processor occupies the area of 25 sq.m. and can be installed on all movable platforms such as trucks, vessels, or railway.
greenBLAZE requires NO connection to external power sources
greenBLAZE does NOT require preliminary waste sorting
ADGEX is in positions to deliver required number of the greenBLAZE processors to any sites of waste accumulation. greenBLAZE features short deployment time and universal mobility that allows delivering the units to remote areas using conventional transportation modes, i.e. rail, roads, waterways.
The greenBLAZE machines are mobile and can be delivered worldwide in a short span of time.
New Waste Management System

Application Fields

Waste Disposal
Industrial Enterprises
Malls and Commercial Infrastructure
Farming & Agriculture

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