Silent Killer of Humanity


Realizing the global scale and the consequences of the so-called “garbage disposal” ecological problem has just recently hit our world society.  However, there is another frightening though quiet enemy on the face of the Earth spawned by humans themselves. Without any exaggeration this is the most serious ecological, social and technological issue that has emerged and consequently increased its attack on our society at the end of the 20-th century, reaching its apogee today. The time has come to toll a thunderous bell of the global alarm.

Let’s ask ourselves a seemingly simple question: “What is really that tap fluid flowing from our faucets that we drink every day? Most of us will have univocal answer to it: “It is a drinking water that we trust, and we drink it.” At the petty person consumer level – this is the correct answer. In fact, from the ecological and from the scientific standpoint – this, mildly speaking, is not exactly right.  Because the correct answer is: what we get from the regular city water supply line coming to our apartments is unknown water solution which we drink, use in our cooking, without knowing of the great number of chemical and biological elements contained in it both, good and not so good for us.

And now to the root of the problem. I am not in the position to attack the issue of the low quality of the public drinking water supply, not at all. I talk and scream loud of the modern achievements in medicine, biology and pharmaceutics. In other words - we will talk here and now about antibiotics.

Before we start, a bit of a reference information:

Antibiotics – are special microorganisms that subdue replication of other harmful to us bacteria causing their death and thus healing us. As medicaments antibiotics are used to fight diseases caused by the pathogenic microorganisms. Between 2000 to 2010 the world consumption of antibiotics jumped from 50 to 70 billion units, whereby the largest growth falls on such countries as India, Egypt, China, Brazil and African continent. On a world scale consumption of antibiotics grows. However, “antibiotics” acquired the range of a global catastrophe from the moment they started to be used in agriculture including cattle and poultry production.

And now, let us try to identify the scale of the problem. How and by what means we can extract antibiotics out of our bodies? Gigantic amount of antibiotics produced and consumed in many industries (such as medicine, agriculture, food production etc.) are removed from our bodies with urine discharge thus making their way right into the sewage and then to the water treatment facilities. However, the tragedy is that 99% of the world sewage treatment facilities predominantly utilize biological reagents which ARE NOT DESIGNED NOR CAPABLE OF REMOVING of antibiotics. At the end of the day those treated waters are dumped into the natural reservoirs (rivers, lakes, seas) from which water is pumped back to the public drinking water supply networks. In other words, our society has unintentionally created an artificial closed circle for antibiotics recirculation. Most of the natural water reservoirs nowdays are subject to the additional anthropogenic burden due to the presence of this class of substance in it. In fact, modern drinking water is nothing else but a mild homeopathic antibiotic solution with a constantly increasing concentration.

And now let us look at the matter of the “mild solution”: upon delivery of water from those rivers, lakes and seas where the treated sewage is dumped into, the public “drinking water” networks used daily by humans does add to this “miniscule amount” of antibiotics which are re-supplied back to the natural water reservoirs together with “treated” sewage water. At the end of the day this vicious cycle “water intake-water discharge-water intake” becomes a closed circle on a constantly growing scale of antibiotics usage that has already led to the future necessity to reconsider the definition of “mild solution”; slowly but surely (actually on a second-by-second basis) concentration of antibiotics in the public water supply networks is little by little, but steadily growing. That leads to ever growing and constant accumulative effect which results at the minimum in a decrease and at times in a complete absence of immune defense in all biological leaving creatures thus causing new mutations. Medical statistics provide numerous facts whereby previously effective antibiotics “suddenly stop working” as well as of the emergence of “new diseases” caused by the mutation of pathogens. Mutation speed of microorganisms is horrendous promoting constant development of new generations of antibiotics which humans are forced to use thus supporting the above depicted vicious closed circle.

Here is an example:

Some 50 years ago fishermen used to fish ruffs which are naturally covered with a thin layer of slime that protects this kind of fish from mold and parasites. Nowdays a so-called “slimy ruffs” is extinct. And this is exactly due to the presence of antibiotics in the waters, though mild but still a presence, causing mutation of the fish defense mechanism making the natural necessity of producing protective slime obsolete.

Honestly, it must be admitted that modern water treatment technologies do allow for a certain degree of reduction of the antibiotics concentration in the public water supply (for example due to the process of coagulation) but they do not eliminate their presence completely. But don’t get too comfortable yet thinking that your dwellings are equipped with the super modern, cutting-edge technology water filtering system. There is no single filtering device in the entire world capable of cleaning/purifying the water supply from organic substances. And that says it all. The conclusion is simple. Our tap water that we drink daily inevitably contains antibiotics though in small quantities. The problem is aggravated by the “delayed time effect” of its negative affect on our bodies.

And now a thoughtful reader will pose a question as to “what do we do about it?”

This problem which has acquired a status of the real threat to the humanity, may be resolved exclusively with and by implementing the strategy of the “Technology of planet immunity” that is to say the technology which is based on the natural processes of nature itself.  No need to go too far to see how the mother nature deals with those problems. In nature there is a well-known and well-researched physical-chemical process of the simultaneous influence of the water particles by the ultra-violet and ozone rays that take place in the upper layers of the atmosphere which today is possible to replicate through the engineering-design solution. The name of this technology is “photolytic ozonizing technology” that forces any organic material (including antibiotics) to completely disintegrate down to the elementary mineral level in this case – carbon dioxide and chemically pure water.

There is little left to successfully achieving this goal:

  • All water treatment plants of the city’s sewage networks must be equipped with additional final cleaning stage based upon the photolytic ozonizing technology that will preclude dumping of antibiotics into the natural water reservoirs thus recovering and with time naturally re-emerging of their eco-systems.
  • It is imperative to equip water treatment plants with additional stage of purification based on the photolytic ozonizing technology, that precludes the presence of antibiotics in the public water supply networks which are used on the daily basis for the household needs including our tap water.

In conclusion it is worth noting that the “photolytic ozonizing technology” – is one of the “Technologies of Planetary Immunity” designed and introduced by the Water treatment department of ADGEX. This technology is totally unique. There are no analogs, similar or comparable technologies which currently exist in the world. Our goal is to make the water we drink daily as healthy and as pure as possible. ADGEX is capable, willing and ready to resolve the problem of cleaning our natural water reservoirs from antibiotics and other unwanted organics to make our environment cleaner and safer for us.

We must preserve our Planet for the generations to come!

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