New Security Paradigm for the Planetary Balance

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Nowadays the vast majority of people still lack awareness of the simple and at the same time fundamental fact that all of us are the united whole with our Planet Earth. Each of us, no matter where one lives or what ethnical background has, appears to be a small part of the monumental and integrated global ecosystem. Any local occurrence taking place on the planet, whether it is a good or a bad one, is undoubtedly going to assert influence over us or our descendants sooner or later.


People are currently domesticating space and trying to reach out for places beyond the galaxy; moreover we have already learnt how to edit human genes and even discovered the tiniest particles known as pentaquarks. These are the visible evidence of us permanently evolving.

Although, in the age of globalization and constant development of cutting-edge technologies it might turn out to be challenging for one to just take a minute for looking around and rationally reconsidering what is actually happening in the world. Humans can barely live without adversely affecting the planet which results in all kinds of contamination of the environment.

The Earth's ecosystem does its best to stand up against the negative influence of humans and has introduced its capacities to adapt in full force long ago. Such capacities may be as well referred to as “planetary immunity”. According to the laws of physics and chemistry, nature has its own mechanisms dealing with pollution and toxicants while metabolizing and processing the latter. For instance, plants are able to absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen by photosynthesis. Another example is naturally occurring titanium oxide which acidifies carbon monoxide and converts it into carbon dioxide along with this. Some bacteria make use of metal salts (certain kinds of which are toxic) in their food chain and absorb them; crustaceans and shellfish similarly extract a whole range of toxic compounds from water and use them in order to build their shells etc. During the dynamic evolutionary process the Earth has divided itself into biogeocoenoses – such geographical areas that allow integration and well-balanced symbiosis of the environment, landscapes, animals, plants and other organisms inhabiting these zones. It is also essential to highlight the fundamental character of adaptive processes in each biogeocoenoses: the estimated time necessary for their emerging is measured in millions of years, not hundreds or dozens. However powerful and almighty nature as it may appear at first sight, unfortunately, is helpless when it comes to technological progress which strongly advanced during the last century.

The world economy is thriving which means that it produced, produces and will produce enormous masses of waste together with products. Volume of waste worldwide has reached catastrophic figures – 200 billion tons, among which 2.5 billion comprise municipal solid waste. Statistics show that as much as 85% of this volume in the world’s total volume of waste is just buried into ground while only the remaining 15% is recycled or incinerated. The fact itself that more than 2 billion tones of organic substances and waste alien to the environment are annually abandoned on Earth is frightening to recall!

The whole situation is aggravated by the fact that more than 5 million compounds have appeared on Earth over the last 100 years, among them more than 2 million are those products of organic synthesis which had not existed across the globe before and which originated from emissions of different enterprises or waste storages. It is exactly there where new and even more toxic compounds are formed as a result of secondary chemical reactions and, most importantly, they will remain in natural habitats over the nearest million years.

It turns out that barbarous attitude towards already established biogeocoenoses in particular is the reason why nature fails to absorb the ever increasing amount of toxins. Critical condition of the environment in modern times could come out as a repercussion of human induced pressure which suppressed nature’s adaptive capacities many times over: humans and their “technological progress” are to blame for ruining the balance that has been naturally taking shape for millions of years.


What is the main cause of people dying today? Surprisingly, it is not old age. Illnesses resulting from environmental destruction and weakened planetary immunity are claimed to be the culprits. In other words, one in six dies of unnatural causes because of being a victim of the so-called “technological progress”.

Let us return to the topic of waste recycling. So what is regarded as recycling nowadays? Only a small part of waste is labeled as “recyclable”, whereas all the rest is sent to landfill sites. The best solution found for the waste problem for now is incineration. At the same time one barely realizes that such a way is a potential hazardous situation. Furans and dioxins, heavy metals, sulphur, paraffins, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and other harmful organic compounds are emitted in process of waste incineration and poison people. For example, while incinerating one ton of polyethylene as little as 1 gram of PCB is produced, but even this small amount can easily result in irreparable damage of human’s health. In fact, it is within its power to poison around 1000 people. Yet humanity is not worried so far, although there is no secret that nature would need 2.5 million years to completely decompose the PCB molecular chain to the salinity under natural conditions.

Pathogens also provoke the increase in cancer prevalence. Statistically, cancer mortality has rapidly risen; cancer has become the second leading cause of death in the world, thus constituting up to 15% from the overall mortality rate. Still these are the primary consequences faced by humanity. Only a few do comprehend the real value of organic toxicants that do not only affect health in a harmful way “here and now” but also provide delayed adverse effects.

Chemically, most of the difficultly oxidized organic sunstances have such a formula of benzoic chain that is similar to RNA (ribonucleic acid). RNA, in turn, underlies DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and constructs it. The fact is that the human organism does not perceive these pernicious substances as alien ones and builds them into the DNA code. This leads to the so-called “build-up effect”, namely to the situation when DNA distortion takes place as a result of genome replication (since cells are continually renewed). As it was mentioned before, dreadful consequences are to occur both in the very near future and in the long view. Succeeding generations are subject to obtaining distorted genome which will put them in danger of no longer being able to reproduce into their fourth generation. This threat will concern all kinds of living creatures - from humans to insects. Eventually there appears to be a real risk of disappearance of those species which is exactly why many animal and plant species are not to be returned to our planet. Although for now this tendency is exceptionally visible among protozoa and species with short-period replacement, all the rest of it is yet to be seen.

Basically people produce mutagens, genetic weapons with “delayed” effect, of their own free will nowadays. Meanwhile, the evidence suggests that the first phase of the catastrophe has already taken place: more and more young couples face the inability to conceive a child. Doctors invent new diagnoses and treat non-existent ailments, even though the root cause is hidden much deeper and consists in modifying our genome.

Unfortunately, the same mutagen effect has had impact on the so-called “infection agents”. Lately there has been an outbreak of “new diseases” originated from mutations of these agents, viruses and bacteria, affected by a series of genetic mutations. The World Health Organization (WHO) has not left this issue untouched and has been paying closer attention to it in its annual reports for the last decades aiming to point out a steady growth in amount of allergic diseases and a never-ending emerging process of new ones, especially among children.


Being engaged in some other crucial problems, people seem to have separated themselves from questions of sustainability in a naive belief that such matters will just somehow pass by. What is more, lots of “official” sources keep silent on specific events taking place worldwide. The underlying reason of it is easy to catch up with: in spite of living in the age of advanced technologies, humanity have mechanisms capable of neither coping with irreparable destruction of biogeocoenoses nor maintaining the planet’s ecosystem. The whole process of the Earth’s degradation has been powered by none other than human. Paradoxically, however, the existing legislation of almost every country introduced serious punishment for ecocide long ago.

Another contradiction evolves in the state of modern society where everyone tends to pay lip service to the idea of having water, air and soil without contamination - to support the idea of sustainable development by words and not by actions - all we are left with is the ever-deepening ecological crisis on a global scale.

There are no boundaries in nature! More than 97% of territories on the planet are detrimentally influenced by human, while the extent of global ecological problems has reached its culmination:

  • In the year 2017 no less than 327 environmental disasters took place. More than half of them were caused by human induced pressure on nature.
  • There is only 0.007% of clean drinking water ready for being consumed without any preliminary processing left on Earth. It is as soon as by the year 2025 that the critical drinking water shortage is forecast.
  • As ecologists predict, when the current intensity of human induced pressure stays the same, nearly a half of flora and fauna will have become extinct by the year 2050:
  • Every minute one or another species of living creatures disappears on Earth.
  • One in four mammals is on the verge of extinction now.
  • More than 78% of marine animals are in imminent danger of death due to unforeseen circumstances of human activity - from entanglement in fishing nets lost by fishing vessels to intake of plastic and other production waste.

• No less than 200 thousand km2 of tropical forests are cut over every year which could be compared to the area of Great Britain, Wales and Scotland altogether.

• The year 2040 may be a crucial date regarding ice melting in the arctic region as an outcome of the constantly growing amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, the average temperature is to be increased by 7°C by the end of the 21st century, whereas an increase even by 4°C could easily wipe out hundreds of animal species, bring about a serious shortage of food and water, cause floods or other natural disasters.

But it is not just that. The notorious drug against pest attacks dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), now forbidden to be used in most countries due to its possibility to accumulate in animals’ or humans’ bodies reached its peak of production and usage in the 1960’s. And then out of nowhere it was spotted in Antarctica frozen in the ice, where it was brought with the tide. Let us therefore imagine a situation: what will happen if the ice melts and revitalizes this toxicant capable of killing every living creature on Earth?

In just about 100 years humanity has put all life on this planet at risk so that there are several possible scenarios of dreadful cataclysms which barely seem avoidable: compared with the Biblical prophecy of the Apocalypse the latter would be rather found to have more or less of a happy-end.

The moment when humanity will have to acknowledge the fact that when it comes to the issue of the environment the point of no return is just around the corner. So, basically, people are too engaged in technological progress and fail to notice the real meaning of the upcoming ecological problems and their drastic consequences.


Today it is perfectly clear that we could not allow global ecological disaster to happen. No, I am not making this point in order to make humanity stop the evolution and get back to prehistoric tools. The main point I am trying to make is that scientific and technical progress is one of the main reasons of hyper-anthropogenic impacts on the natural environment and at the same time an efficient means to save the Earth. To make this idea work it lacks only a change in peoples’ attitude towards the whole situation on a global level. It should be crystal clear that we, people of Earth, are fully responsible for the destiny of our planet and its well-being.

ADGEX Company decided to unite people from all around the world who truly care about the future of the planet, our shared home, and want to dramatically change the environmental situation. For this purpose we established International Sustainable Platform sustainableMe the aim of which is to recover and rehabilitate our planet’s ecosystem. Based on breakthrough technologies of the company, we determined to combine the best ecological solutions and technologies that are safe for the environment in this movement. Such technologies, also known as Technologies of Planetary Immunity, will allow humanity to keep moving forward and evolve as a biological species “Homo sapiens”.

Planetary balance is not just a casual appealing slogan. In fact, it is the only possible logical and evidence-based direction of development for the civilization in its current state. For the time being ADGEX has exposed the main ecological problems on Earth that will be tackled by the movement in the first place. Actually, only science combined with constructive approach to ourselves and to our common heritage - planet Earth - together with modern technologies and practical actions will be able to enhance adaptive capacities of natural sites and boost planetary immunity.

I strongly believe that a modern man is “sapiens” and therefore call upon all progressive people to come together and cooperate aided by our ecological society to prevent the impending destruction of the planet Earth. Relying on the modern condition of the scientific and engineering capacity of ADGEX Company, TOGETHER we will manage to launch Technologies of Planetary Immunity so that our common home could become an environmentally-friendly and nice place to live for both next generations and, most importantly, ourselves. People deserve to inhabit the best and the greenest planet in the world.

Welcome aboard sustainableMe!

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