On November 19-20, 2021, the Central Asian Forum for Sustainable Development - 2021 was held in the Kyrgyz Republic. The main topics of the Forum are the discussion of the results of the UN Food Systems Summit of the Central Asian countries in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. At the Forum, ADGEX made a speech on the topic “Sustainable development is in danger! Does the humanity has a chance for the future?

The vector of the ADGEX speech was aimed at drawing the attention of all humanity to the most acute problem - the accumulation of garbage on earth and in the ocean. People are exploring space, but their attitude towards garbage on Earth has not changed at all. With the growth of the world's population and the development of technological progress, people fell into their own trap - the planet garbage pollution began to grow exponentially!

Today, global climate changes have begun to occur on our planet, which are accompanied by unprecedented destruction, anomalies and cataclysms. Garbage islands have covered large areas of the oceans and turned ocean water into plastic soup. Garbage patches cause irreversible damage to flora and fauna. Several million birds and fish, hundreds of thousands of turtles, dolphins, and mammals die each year. The plastic soup constantly takes oxygen from the seawater, which leads to the impossibility of the existence of phyto- and zooplankton in the ocean. This is the reason leading to the death of entire ecosystems, especially coral reefs.

The UN World Food Program is under threat! The ocean, which means an inestimable amount to people in terms of life resources, today itself needs to be saved. Nowadays, there is an acute issue of the extinction of all the main biological species on Earth and in the ocean.

At the Forum, ADGEX presented its social program SustainableMe (https://adgex.com/sustainableMe) - aimed at saving the world's oceans from garbage and plastic. ADGEX emphasized that this program should become the global mission of all humanity for the next decade and called on people to unite to save the environment of the Earth and the ocean.