31 October 2019

ADGEX VITIM CTO Dr Vladimir Zasemkov gave an inspiring talk on “Development of a new electronic component base for neuromorphic integrated circuits” at the conference devoted to Neuromorphic Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, held as a part of V International Forum “Microelectronics 2019” in Crimea from 30 of September to 06 of October 2019.

Dr Zasemkov presented the latest achievements of the VITIM’s scientists and engineers, developing new electronic component base of nanoelectronics and setting up a small-scale production line. For the last several years ADGEX has been successfully evolving artificial intelligence systems based on a fully customizable production lab.  

Design and engineering solutions the ADGEX Team developed for synthesis of neuro microchips “VITIM” allows producing unique artificial intelligence systems for the tasks which none of the modern digital computers are able to solve algorithmically. The speech Dr Zasemkov gave sparked a profound interest among technical specialists and business representatives.

International Forum “Microelectronics” is the most respectful microelectronic event in Russia, aimed at bridging the gap between science, business and government. The Forum brings together the relevant Ministries, Government Entities, Businesses, Institution and Universities from Russian Federation, Europe and South-east Asia.

We would like to remind the this is not the first participation of the VITIM team in such a meaningful event. At the similar Forum in 2018 ADGEX successfully presented the project on special-purpose scientific laboratory AIDL.