ADGEX joined in the X International Conference “Innovations as an Instrument for Social and Economic Transformations”, held in WIPO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland from 01 to 04 of October 2019.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations, responsible for promoting creative intellectual activity in order to accelerate economic, social and cultural development.

The first event ADGEX was invited to was a creative social forum, where Executive Director of ADGEX Ms Oxana Uzlova gave an engaging speech about promotion of environmental awareness to youth, current difficulties and importance for schools to be able to transform theoretical programs to practical solutions and also shared her experience with successful use of the “Sustainable School” Program, piloted in several Australian schools.

Another side-event where ADGEX caught the members’ eyes was labeled as “Biodeversity, Green Economy and Traditional Knowledge”, held on the 4th of October. Managing Director of ADGEX Mr Victor Uzlov pointed out at unique features of the waste to energy project and told about how important and useful it could be to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The discussions went off very well, the company’s projects were highly esteemed by the Assembly members, who noted absolute significance of our green technologies for modern world.

ADGEX reached out to many top-ranked officials and business representatives. We are looking forward to developing the ties we managed to establish at the discussions to the effect that we could mutually progress ahead to achieve the goals we set.