19 September 2018

Supervised by Dr Andrei Genelev the team of ADGEX VITIM division successfully synthesized the first commercial crystal of cadmium tungstate CdWO4 (CWO) in August 2018. Structural characteristics of the crystal correspond to the world-class quality that makes it a fully ready product for commercial use.

ADGEX VITIM spent a month to get an independent assessment report to prove the crystal quality. Undeniably, this is a big win for the team and a great happening in ADGEX’s life. This occasion crowned a five-year period of formation and development of single crystal growth, accelerating global market penetration of ADGEX VITIM division. 

Managing Director of ADGEX Mr Victor Uzlov said:

“Signature properties of the growth method we use made it possible to apply the newest techniques of crystal growth and melting and synthesize a perfect crystal of 2 kg in weight using just one small growth chamber GENESIS-AIR. The crystal is absolutely transparent and quite clear, so it is safe to say that initial reagents we loaded were of a high quality. The samples of the grown crystal were analyzed at accredited laboratories of The Vavilov State Optical Institute and State Technical University in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. The results demonstrated a light yield value of 24 500 photons / MeV (source Cs 137) that is deemed as ultimate for this type of crystal. Afterglow parameter is of a high level too. Further ADGEX VITIM will proceed to synthesizing of a small-scale commercial batch of CdWO4  for international sales.”

CWO crystals are used in detectors for registration of gamma-rays, in computer tomography, radiometry of low-background values of radionuclides, introscopes, X-ray scanners and gamma cameras. ADGEX VITIM is open for cooperation.

Detailed analysis of crystal quality is given below:



Crystal dimensions                                               up to 100mm in length and up to 50mm in cross-section

Energy resolution                                                ~ 13 % for the sample of 8x8х8 mm in gamma-radiation with energy of 662 keV

Technical specifications

Density [g/cm3] : 7,9

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion [K-1] : 10,2x10-6

Cleavage pane : <010>

Mohs' hardness : 4 – 4,5

Hygroscopy : non-hygroscopic

Emission spectrum [nm] : 470 – 540

Absorption edge [nm]: 330

Index of refraction : 2,2 – 2,3

Decay time [ns] : 5 – 20

Afterglow (after 5 ms) ppm : 160

Light yield [photons / MeV] : 24500

Relative light yield (for x-ray emission) [% of GOS)] : 31