18 August 2018

Mr Victor Uzlov being a vice-president of National Technological Chamber of Russia, whose work is focused on international activity of the Chamber, took part in offsite meeting of Executive Committee of National Technological Chamber of Russian Federation in Malaysia.

High-level negotiations with top officials of Malaysian Government have been held in Kuala Lumpur for more than week. Eventually the Parties reached an accord on creating a technological park in Malaysia to foster technologies of Industry 4.0. Particularly the Parties discussed aviation cluster and design-center of Formula 1 cars. Representatives of National Technological Chamber visited several relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Worthy of separate attention is decision to establish technological park in a free trade zone of Malaysia. It should be also mentioned that business meeting was held in a favorable positive and highly fruitful environment.

The parties also had discussions on launching the projects of ADGEX company in Malaysia, notably UPRAIL, Waste to Energy solution, and water purification and treatment systems HYDROSOR. It was unanimously resolved that the present projects are of the highest importance for economy of Malaysia, so their introduction would be considered with no delay.

Managing Director of ADGEX Mr Victor Uzlov added that National Technological Chamber will be actively supporting realization of ADGEX projects, rendering engineering services, auditing readymade technological solutions and providing territories to set up some production capacities. Such approach will undoubtedly expedite introduction of ADGEX projects to international markets.