15 June 2016

ADGEX Limited in liaison with BELKOMMUNMASH Company participated in the Third Forum of Russian and Belarusian Regions held in Minsk, Republic of Belarus from 06 to 08 of June 2016. At the very first day of the Forum, ADGEX fruitfully conducted negotiations with our first Customer of UPRAIL Transport System. Dr. Ihar Dubatouka, Dr. Valdimir Zharkevich and Mr. Victor Uzlov personally answered the Customer’s questions. All advantages and peculiarities of UPRAIL system were demonstrated on the effective model of our UPRAIL track structure. Our unique stand is the world’s only effective 1:16 scale model of pre-stressed track structure of transport system UPRAIL so far. Materially drawn cables and real elements of spans alongside with models of rolling stock vividly demonstrate entire picture of how UPRAIL system will appear in real life after construction.

The outcome of the meeting was signed Agreement on realization of the very first UPRAIL track to be erected in Minsk’s scenic vicinity. The route hasn’t been disclosed yet but it became known the length of the track is to be 15 km. Key ADGEX Partners will be also engaged in the project, namely BELKOMMUNMASH Company in the field of manufacturing of rolling stock, and French Company FREYSSINET, responsible for supply, production and mounting of separate parts of UPRAIL track structure.

Managing Director of ADGEX Ltd, Mr. Victor Uzlov said the open-air exhibit area was the feature of the Forum. This was some kind of a test for all participators because of stormy weather. Thunder-gusts blew off flags and exhibit elements, nevertheless, rolling stock of UPRAIL system successfully passed field testing for durability. Streamlined forms of the train simply pressed down to the track structure, visually demonstrating its stability. Our stand effortlessly withstood power of nature.

Generally, the exhibition went off in a highly professional and effective manner. The UPRAIL model was visited by Russian and Belarusian Presidents, as well as by many government executives. Belarusian Railway showed interest in UPRAIL System. Tremendous attention was paid by visitors from such countries as German, RSA, France and other. Plenty of people were making photos and admired our System’s refinement, saying they had never seen anything similar before. Almost every child felt obliged to run our trains along the track structure.