05 March 2018

ADGEX VITIM is perfecting the growth technology of new scintillating single crystals of solid solutions on the basis of tungstate scheelite matrices Zn,Cd(W,Mo)O4 with ion-activators Се, Eu, Pr, Tm and enhanced response for use in positron emission tomography (PET). The program will result in commencement of industrial-scale synthesis of the first commercial crystal – a “dark fast scintillator”.

On 03 of March 2018 ADGEX VITIM sucessfully completed the 1st step of the growth technology prove-out on the basis of zinc tungstate (ZnWO4). The VITIM division had been conducting a number of activities to mature the technology of single crystals synthesis. Within the  perfrormed operations, the company perfected optimal operating modes of the growth chamber GENESIS-AIR for synthesis of the highest grade of ZnWO4. Fine-tuning of the software for automatic growth process control were also tested under all nominal and non-nominal conditions. VITIM may now safely declare that Automatic System of Technological Process Control is capable of controlling parameters of single crystal growth within the accuracy of 0.1% during the entire growth cycle.

ADGEX VITIM is strategically aimed at establishment of a production line for a wide range of single crystals of a higher grade with product yield of min 80% and setting up of its own production facility for manufacturing of tools and devices based on the synthesized crystals.

Technical Director of ADGEX VITIM Dr. Andrey Genelev said that during the tests our team managed to synthesize 2875 grams of ZnWO4 for several full operating cycles of the growth chamber, and all the crystals were channelled to a further processing and analysis for installation into a measuring equipment.

Managing Director of ADGEX Mr. Victor Uzlov added, that the given positive testing results allows the VITIM division to synthesize LiNbO3, KTiOPO4, KGd(WO4)2, TeO2 and other crystals today. As the most perspective niche for dark fast scintillators ADGEX is looking at the market of X-Ray Cargo and Screening Systems of oversized cargoes and vehicles. Dark fast scintillators are steadily sought all over the world.