08 February 2018

ADGEX is proud to announce the company became a winner of XIII All-Russian Competition “The leader of nature conservation activities in Russian Federation 2017” and granted the status of The Best Innovative Company in safety and environmental precautions.

The present Competition was held as a part of the Sixth International Forum “People Health and Environmental Wellbeing 2017” in the city of Moscow backed by the Council of the Federation Committee on economic policy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of International Affairs, Science Council on human ecology and environmental hygiene, Sweden-Russian Development Assembly.

The Forum attended representatives of legislative and executive branches of the federal and regional environmental protection authorities, scientific, educative, and non-commercial associations, and other delegates from the companies, operating in field of sustainable eco-friendly technologies.

Major issues the delegates discussed were improvement of current environment & health protection legislation; disease management, caused by unfavourable ecological situation, poor quality of water, air, nutrition; promotion and development of projects aimed at positive development of nature and health gain; shaping of healthful lifestyle and environmental consciousness in the society. 

ADGEX introduced two vital projects called greenBLAZE and energyBRICK, presentation of which struck the entire audience. Turning these projects into reality will notably contribute to environmental protection, being able to simultaneously generate such highly sought market products as electric energy and fuel.

The projects ADGEX presented were claimed as the most technological effective and safe in the context of ecological impact, and the Company was awarded the diploma in nomination “’The Best Innovative Company in Safety and Environmental Precautions”