14 December 2018

“Technology of direct synthesis based on the plasma-chemical technology from natural and associated gas on extraction sites” became a winner of Chemical production startup challenge 2018!

Chemical production startup challenge 2018 held in Moscow was aimed at seeking of the newest technologies of high commercialization potential in the domain of low-tonnage chemistry.

The modern world with a well-developed infrastructure and effective methods to put knowledge and technologies into practice is living up to the Moore’s law concluded that while the manufacturing facility is being set up, its production assets have already become economically and morally obsolete. Trying to struggle with that tough reality, the technologies relied on physicochemical conversion processes require a steep increase of chemical reaction rates. Cold plasm technology is the way to make this happen, notably gas-jet method being one of the variations of plasma-based chemistry.

The technology of direct synthesis of methanol from natural and associated gas, based on the plasma-based method and developed under the auspices of Dr Sharafutdinov, was recognized as the best innovative technology at the Chemical production startup challenge 2018!

The award-winner project represented by technical research center ADGEX PLASMA is truly unique and of significant importance to global oil and gas industry.

Methanol being a perfect energy commodity is highly sought in both Australian and global markets. It can be used as a dissolvent, in production of formaldehyde and a number of ethers, widely used as a fuel and in energy-related applications.