26 October 2018

24-25 October 2018:  Moscow’s permanent trade show VDNKH hosted International Forum on Security Technologies, which exhibited more than 100 innovative technical solutions and opened the doors for about 5 000 attendees – businessmen, journalists, social activists, representatives of government and military agencies. 

The Forum was held in the form of exhibition and conference with 4 different theme-based streams, where speakers brought up the most pressing security issues and shared their views of how the raised problems could be resolved. 

Managing Director of ADGEX Mr Victor Uzlov gave two speeches at the Forum and dived the visitors into much deeper security and safety challenges humanity faces nowadays. He raised the sensitive issue of global waste pollution and covered possible Planetary balance, which humanity is still able to reach, should it start adopting green technologies of Planetary Immunity.

As a part of the presentation Mr Uzlov introduced a new sustainable platform called ADGEX ViableGREEN, intended to team up caring people on remediation of our Planet from a continuous influence of man’s activity.

The key message Victor delivered was no matter of what kind of modern technology the society would apply, a truly secure future could be achieved only through ecological safety.

Mr Uzlov’s presentations were well received by the visitors so many of them wished to discuss the raised issues personally on the sidelines of the Forum.

Worthy of separate attention is the Memorandum of Understanding officially signed by ADGEX and Indian Company Valles Marineris International on joint development and introduction of ADGEX’s waste to energy and water purification solutions on Indian and African markets.

Generally, the Forum was held in a professional and businesslike atmosphere, visitors and delegates were pleased to take advantage of new business opportunities, many attendees noted the event was a well-organized.