11 October 2018

The first limited pre-production batch of new water structurizers designed and produced by ADGEX ENERGY has been recently released.

Contrary to the pilot modification, new batch of water structurizers are equipped with water hardness sensors, built-in batteries for automatic selection of the most optimal operation mode and time, and special electrode protective casing. The structurizers became smaller in size and may fit even in a purse.

Needless to say, the device perfectly copes with its primary task – alteration of Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) range from -100 to -160mV and max Ph level of 7.5. This allows obtaining a real “living” water, enriched with oxygen and hydrogen, in a matter of minutes regardless of water hardness, temperature and a user’s whereabouts.

When ordinary water absorbed in body’s tissues, it gains electrons from cells, 80-90% of which is made from water. As a result, biological structures of a body gradually undergo to destructive oxidation, causing premature ageing, less effective working of human’s organs and whole body deterioration. To optimize absorption of drinking water in the human’s metabolic processes, ORP or as it is also called redox potential of the water should match ORP of the organism’s internal environment. In that case the body doesn’t spend its energy to alter redox potential, meaning that the water we drink will be absorbed more effectively. In addition to this, if water ORP is negative, it will be able to donate elections to tissues and feed the body with more energy, required for a flawless functioning of cells and membranes.

Drinking of such “living” water on a regular basis has a profound positive impact on all biochemical processes, requiring exactly the same redox potential of intercellular water. The lack of additional burden for changing ORP to optimal values needed by our bodies makes it possible to redirect saved resources of the organism immunity improvement.

The structurizers are released under a pre-production batch and will be exclusively distributed among the company’s shareholders and partners only.  

Apart from this, ADGEX has designed ORP structurizers for influent water to be used in agricultural industry.

As a next step the company is planning to set up a mass production line for retail and industrial water structurizers.