26 August 2017

ADGEX is planning to set up a production facility to grow a wide range of ultra-perfect single crystals (with melting temperature of up to 1350oC) and synthsize ready-made crystal components to use it further in various tools and devices (for scintillation, laser, nonlinear optical and other applications). In addition to this, the Company is going to produce unique growth chambers under the modified Czochralski method with regulated temperature gradients. Such chambers will make it possible to greatly improve the quality of crystals, increase the efficiency ratio of the feedstock (of up to 98%) and reduce power consumption.

Managing Director of ADGEX Ltd, Mr Uzlov said that the project would be highly demanded on the global market due to the lack of similar offers.

ADGEX will be able to offer crystals and ready-made devices and tools for different purposes :

  • Semiconducting crystals: Ge, Si, CdTe, ZnSe  etc.
  • Scintillation crystals: CdWO4, ZnWO4, ZnMoO4, PbWO4 etc.
  • Nonlinear optical and ferroelectric crystals: LiNbO3, KTiOPO4, BaB2O4 etc.
  • Laser crystals: Y3Al5O12: Nd, Yb, Ce etc.
  • Acousto-optical crystals: TeO2, PbMoO4 etc.

The picture above illustrates the synthesized ultra-perfect crystal with faceted crystallization front-line -  free from defects and with high transparency degree. Length of the crystal is 200 mm., diameter – 80 mm, mass – 8.1 kg. The crystal was shaped into cylindrical elements with diameter and height 40 mm., for use in scintillation detectors.

Energy resolution FWHM of rays Cs 137 662 keV was measured with 3” PMT HAMAMATSUR6322-01, with signal integration time ~17 mks and was equal to 8.5%

This is the highest quality of crystals has ever obtained in the world!