23 November 2017

“NANOINDUSTRY” magazine is a large periodical edition devoted to nanobiotechnologies, nanoelectronics, nanomaterials and innovative products, introducing the readers to new horizons and directions in various aspects of production, economics and business of nanotechnology industry. The latest issue coincided with the major exhibition and conference in microelectronics “SEMICON 2017”, held from 14 to 17 of November 2017 in Munich, Germany.

The article of Managing Director of ADGEX LTD Mr. Victor Uzlov reveals the present situation in modern electronic industry. It gives us integrated understanding of the market competitive environment and discloses probably one of the most important subject in distribution of readymade electronic components, particularly microchips and IP-modules among the potential customers against the real market demand. The world of electronics drastically changes. This is why in the most foreseeable future ADGEX VITIM is going to take its place in the electronic industry, having focused on consumer market, which size is estimated in min. USD 200 billion.

As of today, ADGEX VITIM has established the first unmatched electronic laboratory of AIDL model (Agile Integrated Device Laboratory) in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. AIDL is the newest technological model in microelectronics, making the electronics individual and minimizing its size of production capacities to a space-saving laboratory. ADGEX VITIM divided all key intellectual and production processes of modern electronic manufacturing, re-engineered and bundled each of the processes into separate self-contained mini production units.

Hereby ADGEX VITIM set up a universal method, making it possible to pass through all stages of production cycle, starting from design of microchips and IP-modules to production of highly-integrated microcircuits and “System-in-Package” and “System-on-Chip”, just in several days. This is an unprecedented breakthrough in express production of microchips, electronic components and synthesis of ideal crystals.  Thanks to “NANOINDUSTRY” magazine, this became widely known to the entire world of electronic industry, and ADGEX team is truly proud of this!

We invite all readers to get familiar with the article published in “NANOINDUSTRY” #7 below: