03 October 2017

XXI International Forum “Russian Industrialist” and X International Innovative Forum was held in Saint-Petersburg from 20 to 22 of September 2017.

The Forums’ purpose was to demonstrate innovative industrial equipment, products and technologies and promote them on the regional and international markets, and hold discussions about the pressing issues of the machine building Enterprises.

The Forums attracted more than 12 600 visitors. More than 128 business events and meetings of various subjects and formats such as seminars, conferences, roundtable discussions, master classes, presentations were held.

The forums were attended by the specialists from more than 24 regions and 22 countries, notably from Bulgaria, UK, Germany, Israel, Singapore, USA, Switzerland and other.

As a part of the Program, roundtable meeting conducted. The subject of the meeting was “International cooperation and export – establishment of priorities to support non-resource export and new opportunities of industrial parks”.

Ecology adviser of ADGEX Company, Dr. Pavel Sukhonin gave a speech on the subject of “International integration as a keystone factor of technological parks development”. Dr. Sukhonin, having used greenBLAZE and energyBRICK projects as an example, considered the issues on development of the most progressive technologies to solve the most pressing global environmental problems. The given projects represent altogether green technological solutions, able to solve power management problems, generating green energy carriers from all sorts of production and consumer wastes.

As a result of Dr. Sukhonin’s speech, ADGEX Company managed to come into a positive contact with a number of technological parks, including the parks “Yamburg” and Yugra”, who expressed their willingness to adopt green ADGEX’s Projects.