17 October 2017

The IV All-Russian scientific and technical conference “Communication systems and radionavigation” was held the city of Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation from 12 to 13 of October 2017 under the aegis of the Scientific and Technical Council of “ROSTEC” Corporation.

Specialists and professors of “Siberian Federal University”, Leadership of the leading companies of space, air, and radioelectronic industries, as well as high-ranked authorities of Krasnoyarsk Krai region and representatives of various scientific and research institutes participated in the Conference.

Within the conference innovative developments of communication systems were presented. Visitors discussed the most pressing and topical issues of design, development and production of modern radionavigation equipment, as well as introduction methods of new progressive technologies for radioelectronics.

ADGEX presented its new format of intellectual microelectronic AIDL. Technical President of ADGEX VITIM Dr. Vladimir Zasemkov gave a speech about “Organization of small-scale microelectronic production of highly-integrated IP modules”. He delivered engaging report on the newest concept of flexible production laboratory for design and manufacturing of a new era of microchips.

Flexible microelectronic laboratory AIDL (Agile Integrated Device Laboratory) represents modern digital production facility of a compact size as compared to the classical IDM format, combining functions of fabless and foundry companies.

Production laboratory AIDL includes its own area of ideal crystals growth, Design-center, instrument manufacturing zone, and space-saving microelectronic factory minimalFAB, making it possible to perform all production stages and manufacture up-to-date microelectronic devices in small and medium batches with minimal costs within the shortest possible period of time.

Nowadays ADGEX Company has already launched instrument manufacturing zone and its own Design center. Full capacities of AIDL laboratory are planned to be commissioned at the beginning of 2018.