16 October 2017

The leading Russian information agency ROSBUSINESSCONSULTING (RBC) ushered in a new business season 2017 / 2018, having held “Good Harvest Day” event at Grand Premiere K2 in Saint-Petersburg on 04 of October 2017. Heads of the most advanced Companies, prominent managers and entrepreneurs, who have taken a quantum leap in their businesses for the last several years were invited to the event. ADGEX Company also participated in the “Good Harvest” rout, represented by Managing Director Victor Uzlov and Marketing Director Dmitry Kasparyan.

Roundtable discussions, briefings and conferences were organized as a part of the event. Some of the Participants presented new interested projects and gave speeches about the pressing investment and business matters. The Subject of the event, having united all the visitors together, was the methods and ways of successful investments. Guests said what they were waiting from the upcoming business season, discussed new opportunities and vistas as well as possible economic, financial and other risks.

Mr. Victor Uzlov also gave a talk at one of the roundtable discussions, having shared the success and achievements of ADGEX Company. He told about the Company’s projects, about the long way ADGEX had covered, and about the perspectives and development plans. The result of his speech was establishment of new partner relations with some of the business leaders and several participants of the event.