04 September 2015

The Board of ADGEX Limited proudly announces that on 26th of August 2015 Representation of ADGEX Company in China was officially open.

Registration number 35068789-3 was assigned to the Company ADGEX China co. LTD. The Representation is located in high-tech Pudong District, Shanghai, China. Head of the representation is Mr. Aleksandr Shabelnik.

Managing Director Mr. Victor Uzlov said that ADGEX CHINA will be responsible for import and export of goods and products, advisory activities in the machinery domain, fulfillment of different projects in energy sector.

Head of Representation Mr. Aleksandr Shabelnik added that key focus areas in China are as follows:

  1. Promotion of ADGEX products to Chinese market; 
  2. Production of component parts and aggregates for the products, required firstly for internal Chinese market, as well as for international customers;
  3. Development of cooperation program with Chinese Companies in the fields of advanced lighting fixtures.
  4. Logistics centre to be shortly estabished in order to export and import the Company’s products.

ADGEX CHINA Company will certainly play one of the key roles in formation of ADGEX’s development strategy and setting up of leading competencies on international market.