The history of ADGEX Company goes back into 2007, when we came up with the idea to set up an altogether new company model for integration of exclusive game-changing innovations. Our goal was to create a comfortable and favorable environment for extensive development of future technologies: starting from a scientific idea to commercialization stage. The first innovation we decided to put into life was Advanced Elevated System UPRAIL
At the outset it was necessary to choose an appropriate place for start and further development of our innovative platform. Over a two-year period, we performed a deep analysis of all possible global markets, such as the USA, UAE, SAR, Australia, Canada, Russian Federation, Finland, China and many other.
Australia was chosen as an ideal platform to start. The first reason was Australian Corporate law, which opened up ample opportunities for capitalization of our technologies and establishment of a multinational Corporation. The second reason was the size and isolated location of Australia, representing a perfect place for realization of large infrastructural projects.
Australian territory is one of the most eco-friendly and clean places in the world. Australian authorities work diligently to preserve the continent pristine and safe for future generations. This was the crucial component why we decided to start our business in Australia and cultivate only green resource-saving technologies.
ADGEX LIMITED was incorporated on 29 of March 2012 as a Public Company in Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

The name of the Company ADGEX stands for Advanced Green EXpertise and supremely well personifies our business vision, philosophy, and clearly maps out the Company s activity areas.
his is the very period when extensive studies of major market players and Australian mining industry as one of the core economic fields of the country is being done. Elevated rail transport system UPRAIL is a highly-competitive and winning solution against traditional railroad, used in the industry as it features low OPEX and high potential to negotiate complex terrain. UPRAIL integrated all ADGEX s innovative technological solutions in the domains of independent energy efficiency, modular structure, material engineering and safety & automation systems.
Along with market research, we came to an understanding that each technological solution must represent a separate business division with own markets, peculiar development strategies and independent business models. By the end of 2013 ADGEX had taken the final decision: from now on each innovation must be evolved under individual scenario as each technology is unique and requires tailored approach in both financing and development of go-to-market strategy. During the period the Company set up the first R&D centres and own scientific school.
Intellectual Property of ADGEX is the core for the future capitalization of the Company. All these years we were compiling a business portfolio of the company s major technologies. ADGEX acquired exclusive rights to know-how in the fields of mobile and renewable energetics, microelectronics, transportation, material engineering and modular machinery. Key roles, priority and development stages of each technology were carefully planned.

Each technology was assessed to estimate future economic benefit, global market demand, the project s social significance and their integration into the countries where such technologies are primarily to be rolled out.

As the curiosity to the Company s business activities grows, foreign representation offices ADGEX INDIA PVT LTD in Hyderabad, India and ADGEX MOTORS LLC in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation are set up.
The Company initiated the stage of active investment raising and prioritized the first three technologies to develop: greenBLAZE, energyBRICK and VITIM.
Launch of these best-in-class technologies will allow the Company to rapidly enter the global markets and intensively grow working capital. This becomes viable as we provide a large variety of comprehensive solutions while introducing our unique infrastructural projects on dynamically rising markets of modern energetics and electronics. To have these projects launched, we started enticing the first investors and just 2 years later ADGEX numbered more than 1500 shareholders.

Representation ADGEX CHINA Co LTD in Shanghai, China is established.
The Company is focused on development of integrated approach in solving of marketing and industrial problems. This is becoming the most prominent factor and unique advantage of the Company. Along with major projects, our designers start developing associated technologies capable of providing turnkey solutions for any infrastructural tasks.

ADGEX is turning into a high-end intellectual engineering company, focused on delivering readymade infrastructural solutions for large corporate clients and government authorities.
We produced and successfully tested commercial samples of major Company s projects. Our short-term strategy is establishment of high-end mass production line for our first three projects VITIM, greenBLAZE and energyBRICK, ready made products of which are planned to be globally rolled out in 2018.

We are in tight cooperation with the world leading scientific organisations and universities, partaking in governmental programs of Australia and Russian Federation, and partnering with blue-chip companies in microelectronics, transportation, energetics and modular machinery fields.