ADGEX is pleased to announce that on September 12, 2020 the production of Aqua Lydius Aqua correctors has been launched. The top-priority plans of the Company include the start of sales of Aquacorrectors in the B2C market. The main purpose of the device is an individual approach to maintaining health and maintaining the immunity of each device user. Aqua corrector "Aqua Lydius" is designed and made in such a way that it is always available wherever you are: at home, away, on a business trip, at work or on vacation. Its autonomy and portability will allow users of the devices at any time to prepare themselves "living water", which has natural and healing power.

The corrector for water is an electrochemical device for the production of hydrogen, structured and alkaline water with optimal ORP for human life. It is enough to place the corrector in a glass of water, press the button and after 4 minutes the water, enriched with hydrogen and nano-carbon particles, is ready for use. The constant use of water prepared by Aquacorrector on shungite restores and maintains a person's immunity in good shape, gives a surge of strength and energy and promotes active longevity.

The Aqua Lydius aqua corrector activates water, keeping all the necessary micro and macro elements in it and makes “living water” with the most beneficial properties:

• neutralizes alkaline pH balance

• restores ORP to natural norms;

• disinfects and partially purifies water;

• orders water clusters, enriches water with nano-carbon particles;

• has a bactericidal effect on the body.


The advantages of the "Living Water" corrector are that:

• lightweight, portable and can be carried with you;

• is submersible and adjusts your water right in the glass before drinking;

• works independently from the built-in battery;

• the main active electrode (anode) is made of natural "shungite".


Aqua corrector "Aqua Lydius" is a timely and unique device, which, among other things, has antiviral properties, protecting the user from viral infections.


In the very near future, the Company plans to launch sales of Aquacorrectors in several countries, gradually expanding its geography. We invite interested sales networks and wholesale buyers to cooperate.


Stay healthy with Aqua Lydius!