Gas-jet plasma chemistry method underlying our technological solutions is a completely unparalleled technology

High Efficiency
Low-energy cold disbalanced plasma used in our equipment significantly increases chemical reactions speed and efficiency of all processes
Modular Approach
Our equipment is scalable and can easily be adjusted to industrial manufactures as well as to all local raw material extraction and processing sites
Signature Solutions
Our special approach in controlled jet plasma chemistry allows developing groundbreaking market solutions

Integrated Market Solutions

On-site Disposal and Processing of Associated Petroleum Gas
Mobile units for production of end market products from flared gas right on extraction sites
Natural and Associated Gas Desulphurization
Mobile plasma chemical unit for sulphur removal from natural and associated gas
Methanol and Acetylene Production from Natural Gas
Methanol and acetylene direct synthesis unit on the basis of plasma chemical method
Silicon Refining to Solar-Grade Quality
The unit for refining of metallurgical-grade silicon to solar-grade quality
On-site Gold Refining
Mobile unit for gold refining right on extraction sites without using acids or cyanides

Controlled Plasma Chemistry

Cold Plasmatron Working Principle
  • The feedstock delivered to processing as a supersonic stream gives rise to gas seal and rapid removal of reaction products
  • Reaction is initiated via electron-beam plasma with external electromagnetic fields superimposition
  • As a result, the process proceeds at high speed in a compact flow-through system
Plasmatron & Reactor
Plasmatron and reactor are basic key elements of jet plasma chemical method
  • Gas To Liquid
    Liquid hydrocarbon production
  • Plasma Refining
    High-purity materials
  • Roll-To-Roll
    Layers deposition and surface treatment
End Market Products
and New Chemical Features

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