The All-Russian Water Congress was held in Moscow, Russia from September 30 to October 02, 2020 with the joint participation of the heads and representatives of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Construction of Russia, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, Rosprirodnadzor and organizations of the country's water sector.
The following important issues were raised and discussed at the congress:

  • Efficient water use in the agro-industrial complex;
  • State policy in the field of technological modernization of the water sector in Russia;
  • Effective, efficient tools in the field of water supply and sanitation;
  •  Investment models of tariff setting regulation;
  • National projects for the development of the water sector in Russia.


ADGEX management took an active part in the plenary session “Investment model of regulation. Launching the Investment Cycle is the Key to Obtaining Operational Efficiency“, which considered priority ways to optimize digital tariff strategies for water utilities. The Congress clearly showed and identified the problem that the current structure of water utilities tariffs and the current situation in the industry is not effective due to the moral and physical wear and tear of engineering infrastructure in excess of the standard, leading to an increase in costs, accidents, accumulation of environmental damage, a decrease in quality and reliability, generally leading to decrease in the profitability of water enterprises.

Most of the Congress participants noted that improving the situation and increasing the efficiency of the water management enterprises directly depends on the optimization of tariff setting, the key drivers of which were the following strategies:

  1. Digital model of optimal satisfaction of the expectations of all market participants;
  2. A model that takes into account the minimum budget expenditures for reliable and high-quality water supply and sanitation;
  3. Model of guaranteed satisfaction to investors' interests in terms of return on investment;
  4. Justification of the effectiveness of the service model in the approaches to the implementation of projects of water management enterprises.


As a part of the approved strategy of the Congress, ADGEX presented its own "Energy service model for the processing and disposal of sludge from water utilities based on the use of GreenBLAZE processors", the uniqueness of which is formed due to the absence of any costs for the budget of water utilities and the latest technological approach in solving the utilization of the current sludge, and also eliminate the accumulated environmental damage.
greenBLAZE technology has the best comparative characteristics among the applied sludge disposal technologies in the world, namely:

  • lack of sorting;
  • independence from external sources of power connection;
  • resistance to changes in morphological composition;
  • mobility and complete autonomy;
  • the possibility of recycling sludge cards directly at the places of their formation and storage.

The economic efficiency of the presented business model is formed both due to the investment attractiveness of the Energy Service Model for business, and due to the benefits obtained for water utilities:

  • Effective disposal of freshly formed sludge and elimination of accumulated environmental damage;
  • Lack of negative impact on the environment;
  • Getting a marketable product (heat, electricity, fertilizers).


Presented Energy Service Model of the ADGEX Company received a high response and approval from the Congress participants, as well as the support of the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Federal Antimonopoly Service. To date, ADGEX has been invited to several regions to assess the prospects for the introduction of innovative technologies, and of a pilot project has been identified and approved, within the framework of which the first Energy Service Model will be launched in the coming months at one of the country's water utilities.