27 September 2019

ADGEX participated at a roundtable discussion “Environmental safety and culture. Role of modern youth” directed by Mr Vyacheslav Fetisov (First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism and Youth Affairs).

Managing Director of ADGEX LTD Mr Victor Uzlov gave a speech on “Modular approach to ensure environmental safety of Russian Federation”. His presentation sparked a great interest and followed by a lively discussion of the Forum’s participants. Mr Uzlov showcased new waste management paradigm oriented at effective waste disposal right on the sites of waste accumulation using mobile processors and boilers greenBLAZE.

New modular and mobile approach allows utilizing any amount of just collected MSW without removal to landfills. To make this happen mobile waste to energy boilers greenBLAZE, designed for conversion of 60 kg of waste per hour into 50 kW of electric power, must be located directly at residential areas.

Use of the energyBRICK batteries allows storing electric power and further delivering to the nearest local electric substation or large power users.

The Forum resulted in adopting a resolution and ADGEX received several commercial proposals. We sincerely hope the proposals will be eventually agreed and exercised in the foreseeable future.