14 August 2018

Heat waves in majority of European countries caused drastic increase of electricity and natural gas prices. Power prices in Europe have skyrocketed by 300% and reached their highest for this time of year since 2011. Discouraging weather forecasts could lead to massive power outages and give the rates another lift.

Much warmer-than-usual weather reminded that energy shortage could be also a problem in summer.  A number of hydro and nuclear power plants in Italy, Germany, Spain and France reduced electricity generation due to dry and hot weather in the region. It hasn’t rained since May so lack of water in major rivers interrupted normal operation of water-dependent power plants.

Renewable energy sources experience lull too. Though wind turbines get priority to feed electricity into the grid, they have produced as little as 6% of power against 12% they usually do. Due to having fewer breezes in the upcoming days, the generated amount will continue to decrease.

In view of abnormal heat energy consumption has risen. Such weather is set to continue, weather forecasters say, so looming electricity gap in Europe will keep on growing.

In light of ever-increasing power shortages, the “WASTE TO ENERGY” Project of ADGEX Company sparked a keen interest at European market.

The “WASTE TO ENERGY” Project (WTE) of ADGEX is the very solution which could provide all-season uninterrupted electric power supply from organic trash. This is a holistic approach to solve the problem of energy shortage while shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

ADGEX has held talks with the Left Party of Germany about the WTE project adoption in Wandlitz, Germany. The project became of a high interest to the Party as they are developing the program of sustainable energy sources for new green concept of environmentally responsible and energy independent communities.

After fruitful discussions the Party set up a workgroup to conduct deep analysis of the WTE project with possible future rollout of the greenBLAZE & energyBRICK technologies, being a part of the WTE Project, in Wandlitz municipality.