09 April 2018

03-04 of April ADGEX BLAZE completed the final cycle of the greenBLAZE industrial tests. The final part of the tests was demonstrated to potential customers and the company’s partners in the form of technical presentation.

Structural highlights of the greenBLAZE processor make it now possible to position the machine on a 17-meter truck or fit into a 20-ton container. Another consumer advantage of the greenBLAZE processor is its technical superiority which allows the processor to process all carbon-contained materials miscible in all proportions. Moreover, the processor is capable of converting both solid and liquid feedstock fractions. Thanks to the rotation of chamber of synthesis, greenBLAZE is able to utilize from 3 to 5 tons of carbon-contained feedstock  per 1 hour with recovery of up to 3MW of electric energy. This is an ultimate-class record of the BLAZE crew and a great achievement of all ADGEX team.

Managing Director Mr. Victor Uzlov said, that when it comes to MSW treatment, the greenBLAZE processor is truly unparalleled as it features undeniable advantages against all types of waste incineration plants. We’d like to remind that current waste management system as well as the operation of waste incineration plants implies the process of strict garbage sorting which is one of the most cost-consuming stages. The greenBLAZE processors runs under altogether different method – preliminary separation is not required as the sorting process is carried out after the entire cycle of waste treatment. Such aspect allows cutting the cost of all waste treatment system, lowering CAPEX and effectively reducing OPEX at the processing stage.

The next priority step of the greenBLAZE development is commencement of mass production and delivery of the machine on international market.