10 November 2018

Unfortunately, market and technical characteristics of all current elevated transport systems hamper its development. Due to imperfectness of track structures, there is no a readymade solution so far to provide ideally even railroad track while having light and delicate structure, capable of withstanding high static, dynamic, thermal and other loads in all climatic zones.

Over the past 10 years ADGEX team headed by Dr Igor Dubatovka has been designing and developing an innovative overhead rail system, featuring combination of elegant pre-manufactured elements with structural ability to haul heavy loads. We’ve been creating a cutting-edge system, which could be easily erected on site without any preparational disruptive works, keeping the environment clean and safe. Eventually, ADGEX has brought the idea to life and presented UPRAIL – a unique elevated system, characterized by high maneuverability, safety level, modular construction and universal operability. Thanks to pre-fabricated component parts, UPRAIL is erected directly on site with lightweight equipment only. This expedites construction process and requires no high-qualified specialists. 

A distinctive feature of the UPRAIL system is an ideally even railroad track, invariable under all types of loads regardless of how straight, incline or turning track section is. The structure is capable of adapting to any passing rolling stock, providing perfect evenness of a railway thanks to a transverse and longitudinal track stability. Such a technological solution allows using UPRAIL safely for both slow and high-speed freight and passenger conveyance.

It is worth noting individually, that in December 2016 conceptual design of the UPRAIL track structure was proved by “Freyssinet International”, being the leading French Provider of Integrated Technical Solutions in the field of Civil Engineering Infrastructure. In addition to this, the Freyssinet company expressed a high interest in participating in such an ambitious project as UPRAIL.

In August 2018 structural division ADGEX MONORAKURS took out a Eurasian Patent No 201600648 on the key component of the UPRAIL track structure “Space Cable-stayed Framework”.

The structure of a space cable-stayed framework enables to construct a signature track structure that resembles endless cable-stayed bridge with all advantages peculiar to cable-stayed spans. This means that the UPRAIL system is able to safely cross all topographic inequalities using unsupported spans with length from 500m to 2km. Light and aesthetic construction of the UPRAIL track is supremely well integrates into the environment and modern infrastructure of all cities.

Signature design solution represented by a cable-stayed framework imparts unexampled customer features to the URPAIL transport system. Track structure is able to negotiate accents and descends, go over canyons, lakes and rivers, and seamlessly integrate into ordinary ground level railways. Most significantly, the UPRAIL system is distinct in lower CAPEX and OPEX against traditional railroad systems. All these factors make UPRAIL unparalleled transport solution from the perspective of energy efficiency and unique commercial benefits as compared to Hyperloop and other modern transport systems.