01 November 2018

ADGEX is proud to announce that the first commercial stabilizer for influent water will be installed on breed livestock farm “KRASNOOZERNOE” in Priozersky District of Leningrad oblast, Russia.

Based on the performed analysis, ADGEX’s specialists decided to deliver the influent stabilizer with water capacity of up to 5m3, which is also technically able to change the ORP within the range from 70 to 220mV.

In fact, this is the second influent water stabilizer to be operated in the field environment. The first one was installed by the company in Vologda Oblast, Russian Federation and works successfully thus far.

The crucial benefit of a living water or as it is also called catholyte, is a powerful stimulation of all biological processes due to its ability to donate the electrons during water exchange. Hence, catholyte is a top-rank anti-oxidizing agent, capable of strengthening immune system, increasing metabolism, boosting blood flow, improving regeneration, liver detoxification functions and render a number of other positive effects on a living body.

Not only does activated water neutralize toxins and acids, but also it saturates cells with necessary water. Considering the fact, that all living bodies are mostly made of water, positive effects of drinking activated water will become apparent shortly.

So, in light of this, we are expecting to reduce livestock morbidity level, improve milk yields and increase fat content in produced milk. But what is above all other things is that it will be possible to significantly reduce consumption of antibiotics as feed additives, and after a while - make a full transition to antibiotics-free feed to turn the products of the livestock farm into a truly eco-friendly food.