15 October 2018

The team of ADGEX ENERGY Division is glad to announce that the first commercial batch of water structurizers, designed for modification of water ORP (oxidation reduction potential) to improve the human’s immune system and increase life expectancy, has been released. At the moment the division is moving towards mass production of the structurizers, which already showed an excellent and failure-free performance. 

Individual attention the company pays to industrial influent structurizers, which prototype has been released by the ENERGY division lately. As of today, we received the first commercial order from one of the largest state farm of Leningrad region, Russian Federation. Hopefully the next week would bring us a signed contract for delivery of the first industrial structurizers, engineered for treatment of drinking water for livestock.

Worthy of separate attention is a very first start-up of a brushless DC electric motor, which the ENERGY division has been developing during the last 2 years. This is a resonance electric motor that is unrivaled throughout the world. The start went off truly well on a recent Friday, so we would like to congratulate all team of the ENERGY Division with such a bright spot in the company’s life. In the next week we are planning to initiate testing program to get the motor’s readings and specifications. Let’s be patient and wish the best of luck to ADGEX ENERGY team. Combined with the energyBRICK batteries, the given electric motor will make it possible to drive an electric car of up to 1000 km without recharging. 

The last but not the least thing worth mentioning is the first limited batch of the energyBRICK batteries to be released in 2 weeks. We are at the final production stage of 20 NiCd and 10 NiZn batteries. The present batch is intended for commercial testing and certification of readymade products at Australian, European and South-Asian markets.