14 July 2017


Within the scope of “BLAZE AUSTRALIA” Project, ADGEX has designed and initiated assembling of the first mass commercial processor greenBLAZE, capable of converting Municipal Solid Wastes directly into electric energy. This new machine is structurally different from the one designed for generation of synthetic motor fuel. It encapsulates the best design solutions and features novel operational aspects. This complex is interconnected with energyBRICK units, and this is the very reason why design team decided to make this greenBLAZE the first of a kind processor to be commercialized on the international market. Such approach will allow creating absolutely green and safe waste-to-energy machines.

Now it is possible to produce light movable and mobile complexes, which can be easily relocated from one site of waste accumulation to another and solve local waste treatment problems.  Waste processing depth, cleanliness and safety of emissions are equal to 97-98%, that is unachievable even by the most sophisticated waste processing plants of Europe, USA and other advanced countries.

The processor ADGEX designed is technologically perfect. The team of BLAZE Division is justifiably proud of the accomplished work and ready to finish the first commercial processor greenBLAZE before the end of 2017.

Chief Designer of greenBLAZE project Dr. Sergei Zotov said:

Level of automation and control system features a number of progressive solutions. This barrel is able to generate 1 MW of electric energy per 1 hour, meaning that 5 greenBLAZE machines, cruising around the city and being unnoticed by you will generate from 5 to 8 MW of electric energy per 1 hour. If we multiply this numbers by 24 hours, we will get the power of large heat, hydro or any other power plants.

ADGEX has finalized important intermediate certification stage, having registered Technical Specifications for greenBLAZE processor in Scientific and Technical Centre for Information on Standardization, Metrology and Conformity Assessment “STANDARTINFORM”.This Technical Specifications are integral part of design documentation and contains complete set of requirements for greenBLAZE processor itself, the way of its production, control and acceptance.

The next stage for the Company is obtaining Permission of Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control for unhampered trading of the greenBLAZE complexes on the international market.

Also, the Company has initiated the process on enlisting the greenBLAZE complex into the register of the Best Available Technologies. The Enterprises using technologies from the BAT register, are exempt from payments of environmental fees, resulting in shortening of the processor’s payback period.

I believe this is a next step and new era, which is inevitably going to supersede current technologies!