10 November 2017

A roundtable meeting on land-use management matters in agroindustrial complex was held in the administration of Leningrad Region, hosted by public office of the chairman committee of State Duma on agrarian issues on 31 of October 2017.

Issues on introduction of modern technologies, principles, approaches and method of rational economic management, land-use in agroindustrial complex, its influence on improvement of the environmental conditions and people’s wellbeing were discussed on the event.

Chief certification officer and Environmental Advisor of ADGEX Company, a member of scientific & expert committee of State Duma of Russian Federation on agrarian issues Dr. Pavel Sukhonin gave a speech on “Conversion of agricultural waste into electric energy”. He presented greenBLAZE and energyBRICK projects, which sparked a heightened interest of government agencies, farming enterprises, and specialists of agroindustrial companies. With the aid of secretary-coordinator of Eurasian agriculture technological platform the projects were submitted as the integrated system of waste utilization and now they are going to be included into the international energy program.