10 June 2016

ADGEX announces that the Company particiapted in the International Innovative Forum of Public Transport "SMARTTRANSPORT", held in Saint Petersburg, Russia from 25 to 28 of May, 2016.

The feature of «SmartTransport” Forum was the motto “Only the best, actual and proven business solutions”. New Expo Centre hosted figuratively all industry leaders, who were exhibiting a wide range of products and developments during the event. The Forum was attractive and interested thanks to the delegates showcased exactly practical and breakthrough models and technologies. Visitors were able not only watch, but also interact with exhibits, simultaneously communicating with principal specialists. In general, the exhibition went off on a higher level. A vast number of visitors and representatives of governmental bodies attended the Forum.

ADGEX in liaison with BELKOMMUMASH Company presented transport system UPRAIL and SEVA battery, which will become the core of traction rolling stock. However, the highlight of the exhibition was the stand of 1:16 scale model of UPRAIL Track Structure, awaited by visitors and admirers of our Company. The stand was of a great interest to all attendees, and majority of them couldn’t just pass it by without making some photos.

Managing Director of ADGEX Limited, Mr Victor Uzlov said:

“UPRAIL stand evoked tremendous interest of professionals in transport industry. Many technical specialists were literally frozen before the stand and didn’t want to leave, scrutinizing peculiarities of pre-stressed track structure of UPRAIL system. The stand is built to scale 1:16 and assembled using a pile of small parts, precisely reproducing response to weather conditions or when rolling stock is passed over the track structure: theses factors could be simulated by all comers – you just push down track structure with your hand and start feeling how railroad track is firmly secured with longitudinal cables, and entire system generally reforms, overcoming external load, straining and pushing back the load applied. I'd like to remind that our track structure bears twentyfold durability reserve.

For the very first time both technical and emergency transport modules were demonstrated. This module is going to service railroad track and repair the structure if necessary. Visitors were able to personally watch how the module picks up travelling cradles and pulls them to any place of the structure on a manipulator. Emergency module is able to convey a team of 12 people and can be controlled automatically or manually”.

Separate attention must be brought to the top-notch joint debut with our partner BELKOMMUNMASH Company. Parties mutually presented new electrobus, that had already been released by BELKOMMUNMASH as well as new generation of the batteries SEVA, which are to be the traction core of the electrobus. In that case, the bus will be able to travel of up to 50 km without charging. SEVA battery was in the spotlight of exhibition, and the test bench, where charging and discharging capabilities of SEVA were demonstrated, turned into one of the most popular places of the Forum. As per opinion and voting of all prominent production enterprises available at the exhibition, SEVA was “THE DISCOVERY” of SmartTransport exhibition!

Virtually all companies declared their willingness to purchase our batteries after their market release!