04 December 2014

The Board is pleased to announce that ADGEX launches new structural division ADGEX VITIM. The division will operate in microelectronic field and be responsible for design and introduction of a new electronic component database. ADGEX VITIM is planning to create design and technological foundation, on the basis of which different devices and tools of versatile applicability are to be produced.

Managing Director Mr Victor Uzlov said:

“ADGEX attentively follows the tendencies of the global market, which development is premised on the newest achievements of science and technologies. Simultaneous promotion of several science-intensive projects within the framework of one company gives synergetic effect and pushes development of all projects at the same time”.

“The Company’s Technical Presidents came up with the opinion that today global industry functions on the basis of the fifth technological revolution, where the main driver is information technologies, and the key factor is microelectronic components. Electronics is widely used in all spheres, and it can be safely said that microelectronics is the crucial part of the industry”.

ADGEX VITIM will be headed by Dr Vladimir Zasemkov, who is the Head of international group SoC on production organization of a new element base of radio electronics and computer technical equipment. He has a great experience in production of innovative devices under the technology of vacuum microelectronics.

Vacuum microelectronics represent tools and components with micron geometrical dimensions, operation of which is based on movement of free electrons in vacuum under laws of classical physics.  

ADGEX VITIM actively research industrial applications of nanoelectronic tools, based on nanotechnologies and metamaterials in fields of nanophotonic of molecular electronics, nanobiology and nanosystem technics.

History of ADGEX VITIM has started in 1986. A large study on establishing of “Vacuum microelectronics” lab in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia was made. Complete technological sequence, making it possible to produce operable unparalleled microelectronic tools has been tested. Our team made a number of research scientific works on possibility of synthesis and design of various technological solutions on production of the FED (Field Emission Display).

Technical President of ADGEX VITIM Mr Vladimir Zasemkov said that the first step to do is production of 10 inches microdisplays. Progressive plans of the Division are to launch mass production and sell 180 thousand of microdisplays and 72 thousand of full-size FED-displays annually. 

Field Emission Displays is a new generation of a wide range of monitors, indicators and other display devices, which successfully combine the best features of electron-beam tubes and LCD-panels.

Mr Victor Uzlov added that ADGEX VITIM Division has a great and perspective future to come for entire ADGEX Corporation. It is important to note, that today we have already had potential customers to discuss mutual future cooperation.