25 November 2014

Globally manufactured electrodes for alkaline batteries include padding from porous perforated net, whereon conductive layer made of nickel and active mass or lamella is applied. Structural features of electrodes allows using them invarious types of batteries : starters, tractive, continuous, and short charge, where they are applied.

ADGEX ENERGY designed production technology of electrodes, which consist of volumetric porous nickel (or any other metal) frame instead of perforated net and lamella. The frame is filled with active mass, carrying great electric contact with terminal (porous nickel frame). Such solution makes production technology of electrodes for alkaline accumulators universal and makes it possible to produce batteries of various purpose, chemical system, and prime cost using unified technological equipment.

ADGEX ENERGY Division successfully tested batteries "NKF-40", assembled under own technology. Fully discharged accumulator "NKF-40" was fully charged for just half an hour and demonstrated 14,2V.

Technology of ADGEX ENERGY can be used to:

  • Produce electrodes for various types of batteries - for both tractive and starter.
  • Easily re-adjust production capacities for any types of systems (nickel-cadmium, nickel-zinc, nickel-iron, nickel-hydrogen, nickel-hydrid).
  • Significantly reduce prime cost of any accumulators.
  • Produce unique high-capacity condensers (nickel-coal) with specifications superior to all current condensers 

Researches in the field of powder metallurgy revealed the role of high-dispersed powders in organization of great active surfaces during production of nickel oxide electrodes for alkaline accumulators. Usage of nickel porous frame, obtained by the method of polyurethane foam plating (non-palladic) as a frame for application of high-dispersed nickel powders in liaison with active mass made it feasible to increase specific capacity of electrode from 0,35 to 0,55 AH/cm3, that allows enhancing specific power specifications of alkaline batteries (Ni-Cd, Ni-Zn, Ni-H, Ni-Tg) by min 20-25%.

Another know-how of ADGEX ENERGY is electric charge of porous frame with (+) and (-) active mass, which allows raising specific power of alkaline batteries for up to 150W/kg and expanding the range of its application.

Managing Director Mr Victor Uzlov said this is the fifth generation of accumulators under current technology. Basic advantages of ADGEX ENERGY’s accumulators are as follows:

  • No risk of short circuit!
  • No harm at full discharge!
  • Low self-discharging level!
  • Service life 15 years and guaranteed min 25 000 cycles!