Conduct of Engineering Research

ADGEX is ready to carry out design and survey works as well as research works to identify key concepts for individual customer needs, applicable to both local tasks and major infrastructure projects in water supply, sewerage and ecology domains.
Pre-design Works

Compilation and preparation of materials

Field survey

Further office analysis

Clearance process prototyping

Development of regulations

Preparation of task technical order for design work

Technical Implementation

Development of design documentation

Production of equipment

Design stage

Equipment installation

Turnkey Operation


Engineering and expert follow-on support

Key Features

Complex approach adopted by ADGEX is based on the technologies, many of which are truly unparalleled
Fitting and selection of equipment for a particular task of any complexity
Optimal purification method is determined while carrying out a survey and a laboratory prototyping
Optimization of CAPEX for the best quality and substantial OPEX reduction

Leading Experts

Pavel Sukhonin
Pavel is a practitioner in water purification and water treatment. Dr. Sukhonin took an active part in development of Federal Targeted Program “Clean Water” aimed at improvement of drinking water quality, water supply management.
Vladimir Kamburov
Vladimir is a practitioner in the field of hydraulic engineering, purification and preservation of surface watercourses. Moreover, he is an expert on environmental security and preservation of water resources.

Our Completed Projects

Station of Artesian Water Deferrization
State Educational Institution “Saint Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity”, Leningrad Oblast, village of Zerkalniy
Desalination Facility
Heating Equipment Factory
(Double reverse osmosis)
Desalination System for Electroplating Industry
By request of Research and Production Association “Process”
Purification System of Storm Water Overflow
“Metallpromtorg” Closed Joint Stock Company
Removal of oil products, synthetic surfactants, iron ions, manganese, aluminium, copper, zinc.
Sewage Treatment of MSW Landfills
Town of Sovetsk, Kaliningrad Oblast