Clean water - is the most precious and drained resource on Earth!

Today 1/5 of the Planet’s population is living in the regions suffering from water scarcity. Every single year 2 million people die due to a lack of clean drinking water. Morbidity and death rates increase continuously as water contamination and global pollution intensify.
Humanity is on the verge of
Global Water Crisis
Consequenses of ever-increasing clean water shortage:
  • Every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related illness
  • The rate of infectious and oncological diseases skyrocketed in the last 10 years
  • Viruses strain are always acquiring mutations causing origination of new previously unknown infectious diseases
Mobile Water Purification Unit
  • Product water performance
  • - hourly average
    5,0 м3/hour
  • - hourly max
    10,0 м3/hour
  • Power network
  • - Single-phase 50Hz.
    220 V
  • - Three-phases
    380 V
  • - Power consumption
    max 6,2 kVA
Purification system output provides two main water lines for high-quality drinking water and technical water (available for drinking too).
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Modular construction
Signature mobile water purification unit, representing a fullycustomized universal kit, assembled exclusively for customer needs from different standardized modules.


Module #1
Preliminary Mechanical Treatment Module
Designed for water treatment from mechanical impurities and coarse dispersions.
Module #2
«Know-How» Technology
Thermal Vortex Destruction Module
Designed for fractional separation of water. Treatment process is based on simultaneous vortex and thermal effect on liquids in chambers with curved channels and further condensation.
Module #3
«Know-How» Technology
Hydrodynamic reactor
The present treatment technology is relied on destructive method, based on making chemical modifications in the molecular structure and composition of impurities. Use of the present module makes it possible to decontaminate water runoff from:
  • - dissolved iron salts and heavy metals
  • - inorganic substances and petroleum products
  • - fats and oil
  • - bacteria and viruses
  • - surface-acting agents (SAA)
In addition to this, the module softens the treated water, removes radionuclides, reduces water turbidity and unpleasant smell.
Module #4
Sedimentation Module
Designed for removal of contaminants, which formed coagulating agents in vortex reactor.
Module #5
«Know-How» Technology
Ultrafiltration Module
Designed for removal of particles (up to 1 micron), coupled by vortex reactor, from water as well as for treatment of heavily polluted water.
Module #6
Reversed Osmose Module
Designed for removal of salts from water by fractional separation. The module is used to reduce salt content in water and purify extremely toxic water with organic substances.
Module #7
«Know-How» Technology
Photochemical Treatment Module
Designed for destructive treatment of all organic compounds. A signature purification system making it possible to remove such hypertoxic stable compounds as poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), hazardous concentration values of which equal to as little as several nanograms.
Module #8
Adsorption Treatment Module
Designed for removal of excess oxidizer, formed at the previous photochemical treatment stage.
Adsorption treatment is carried out in single-flow adsorption ion exchangers filled with activated carbon. Number of filters (exchangers) are chosen based on required production capacity of the unit.


Purification of severely polluted brackish wastewater from organic compounds, decontamination from natural and man-made pollutants
including toxic substances, herbicides, defoliants, dissolved oil products, spores of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
Supply of high-quality drinking water to remote and hard-to-reach areas of temporary and permanent residence without centralized water supply, as well as to communities exposed to natural and man-made disasters.
Water treatment to make it acceptable for specific end-use, such as industrial water supply, irrigation, water recreation and others.


Mobile container-type design
HYDROSOR is delivered worldwide in isothermal 40-feet container and can be easily relocated if needed
Movable configuration
The unit can be implemented on the basis of movable truck, rail or vessel
Eco-friendly operation
HYSROSOR discharges NO toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Safety level of residual by-products comply with 4th toxicity class
High purification quality
Purification from heavy metals and salts, organic compounds, including PCB and petroleum & oil lubricants, from pharmacological and hormonal drugs, antibiotics, from pathogenic flora, including fungal and viral infections

Container-type Currently Operating Unit

Mobile water purification units HYDROSOR are designed on the basis of a freight container with all necessary utilities
(heating, lighting, air conditioning)
Movable Configuration
All component parts of the HYDROSOR units are pre-manufactured and ready-to-go immediately after delivery. Stationary and movable configurations are available for customer’s choice.
Stationary Container-type Wastewater Purification System Mounted at MSW Landfill
The present system in a fully automated mode has been uninterruptedly operated for 4 years