Simple Solution to Complex Problems

Problems of complex dewatering
The problem of complex dewatering of gases and oil products occurs at all stages ​of their production, transportation, storage and usage.​
Purification of water polluted with oil products
The problem of purification of water at all stages ​of their production, transportation, storage and usage.​
Production costs
Fixed costs for reagents, electricity, maintenance, filter replacement, process shutdowns, replacement of corroded components, downtime labor costs, constant emissions to the environment.
The principle of installation
Universal space-saving solution for effective separation of water and gases without use of reagents and electric power
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Versatility of
Cribrol Cartridges

3 Effects in 1 Technological Stage
Filtering element absorbs moisture (water droplets or dispersed water) from the wet Oil or Gas
After full saturation filtering material holds enlarged droplets of water and dissolved impurities in it
While clean oil/gas is constantly removed from the top separation chamber, large droplets of water fall into settling zone of the filter housing and drained
Technological process allows to produce a porous filtering material with a predetermined pore system: micropores, mesopores and macropores.This provides flexibility in producing material with different technical characteristics for different applications.

Standard CRIBROL Cartridges of Different Capacity

0,5-10 м3/hour
LNG cleaning
2 м3/hour
14 - 180 м3/hour
50 - 2500 м3/hour
Gasoline cleaning

«Cribrol» Quality Assurance

Our experience allows us to deal with the cleaning of a wide range of oil products and gas media with the maximum economic and environmental effect.
Practical application of our technologies at various sites in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, America, Asia and Africa, gives us the opportunity to constantly expand the scope of applications where our equipment can efficiently solve the problems of our customers.
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Stages of work

Detailed study of a specific task on a specific object
Test tests in our organization or in the customer’s organization​
Оbtaining research protocols in organizations accredited by the customer​
Сomparison with previously used equipment​
Сoordination of project documentation and equipment price harmonization with the customer​
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