ADGEX participated at roundtable discussion on cooperation and partnership with African countries, held on the sidelines of International Forum for consumer cooperation “Bread – you are the world” at ethnographic green park “Ethnomir”.

The Forum attended various participants from more than 40 countries of CIS and far-abroad, who apart from exhibiting their goods participated at different roundtable discussions with representatives of businesses, high ranked authorities, investors and non-governmental organizations.

The discussion on international cooperation with African countries visited government officials, public persons, executives, as well as the head and creator of green park “Ethnomir”.

ADGEX gave a speech on their sustainable solutions for water treatment, waste management and renewable energy, raised critical problems of clean water scarcity and power shortage in Africa, associated with rapid economic development, as well as on the lack of waste collection and removal system which is highly sought today due to a drastic urbanization growth.

The ADGEX’s presentation sparked a great interest of local and foreign attendees. After official part of the discussion was over, ADGEX continued having talks with concerned participants, including Prime Minister Counselor of Mauritius who had found waste to energy processors greenBLAZE extremely interesting.

It is worth noting individually that following the results of the Forum ADGEX was invited to deliver a speech at Northwest Sustainable Development Forum on 25th of September.