ADGEX is pleased to intimate the ENERGY Division has successfully produced small-scale batch of NiZn and NiCd energyBRICK batteries with capacity of 40 and 120 Ah respectively. Production were carried out in accordance with approved technical data sheets, which had been modified and adapted to suit current industrial and raw materials base. In other words, having passed through all steps of production process we verified the energyBRICK production technology can be utilized at any facility with sufficient technical requirements.

It is worth noting that the company has tested production technology of NiZn energyBRICK batteries with capacity of 120Ah for the first time ever. This is an altogether new experience for ADGEX ENERGY! And we are pleased to say the first performance went off very well! We’d like to remind you that NiZn energyBRICK batteries feature great traction characteristics for modern e-cars: they are not exposed to cold temperatures below 30oС, able to efficiently recover energy, and can be charged to full in 10 mins max.

During production steps the technology were tested at three different manufacturing sites. Immediately after release of the energyBRICK batch we conducted all necessary tests and had the reports issued.

The results the evaluation team obtained substantiate that mass & size and electrical specifications of all produced energyBRICK batteries are as claimed. Specific energy characteristics (Wh/kg and Wh/dm3) are higher by 20-26% against other current batteries. 

ADGEX spokesperson says the company is about to begin mass production shortly. “We are also considering JV partnership with other enterprises abroad. If anyone is interested to cooperate in rolling out energyBRICK batteries, please feel free to contact us”.