ADGEX initiated small-scale batch production of energy boilers greenBLAZE, designed for disposal of all organic waste and recovery of green electric and thermal energy.

The boilers represent a scaled-down model of industrial waste to energy processors ADGEX greenBLAZE and, similar to “the elder brother”, operate on all sorts of organic feedstock or waste, including without limitations plastics, wood chips, coal, agriculture and animal waste, slit deposits and other biomass. Moreover, the greenBLAZE boilers allow for utilization of all non-combustible waste tailings.   

One greenBLAZE boiler is able to convert 40-60 kg of organic feedstock per hour into 50 kW of electric and 100 kW of thermal energy. 

The boilers are based on a completely environmentally responsible utilization technology. Operation process causes neither harm to the environment nor threat to people’s health, so it is absolutely safe to install the boilers in residential areas and within the reach to wildlife habitats.  

The greenBLAZE boilers feature self-sufficiency and automated operation control. Build-in remote monitoring system makes it possible to read the performance parameters from a distance and switch the boiler on and off for timely heating of your premises.  

The first batch of the energy boilers is limited to 15 units only. For cooperation enquiries and ordering information, please emails us at blaze@adgex.com