03 May 2018

In the lead-up to the launch of ADGEX ICO campaign, the company held a meet-up for potential investors and perspective partners in Moscow International Business Center on 28th of April 2018.

The meet-up was attended by several groups of private investors, bloggers, representatives of investment funds and the press. ADGEX leadership presented the company and corporate business strategy while Technical Directors gave speeches about the major projects: greenBLAZE, energyBRICK and VITIM. Some of the company’s shareholders and partners also visited the event and delivered the speeches about their roles in the company.

The meeting was conducted in an effective and dynamic manner as an open dialogue event. The visitors were engaged with the presented company’s projects, encircling the company’s stands and asking technical questions to the company’s representatives after the meeting.

The leadership also came out with the information about new safe ICO format and said a few words about the exclusive opportunities for all current and future ICO participants. Technical Directors showcased the samples of the company’s products, which were delivered to Moscow specifically for the meet-up. Close attention was paid to the model of minimalFAB unit, which would form the core of ADGEX electronic mini-laboratory for production of individual microchips.

On the side-lines of the meeting ADGEX held individual talks with a number of investors and discussed perspectives of a win-win business partnership with some of the meeting’s attendees.