28 May 2018

Global Summit on Science and Technology for Innovation Development and Cooperation Exchange was held in Beijing, China on 26 of May 2018 by the Development Research Center of the State Council of China. The major task was seeking and introduction of the innovative solutions to solve the most pressing and vital problems, preventing natural economic and social growth.

The Summit was aimed to find and integrate the most prominent local and foreign business projects into the economy of China, as well as establish long term partnership with different enterprises, willing to operate in the country.  

The Summit united more than one hundred representatives of the executive authorities, financial and economic agencies, high-ranked officials from the Ministry of Commerce and Trade, as well as the delegates from Canadian, Australian, UK and EU companies.

Project Manager of ADGEX Mr. Vasily Muzanov gave a speech about the greenBLAZE and energyBRICK projects. He brought up the most pressing environmental issues, such as waste utilization and detrimental consequences of all current waste incineration technologies, as well as ever-growing shortage of affordable electric energy.

His presentation was met with interest and received only positive feedback. The representative of Development Research Think Tank of China (DRTT) said that the greenBLAZE solution is capable of solving one of the most complicated problem of China, having cleaned the cities from the mounds of garbage. It was noted that the energyBRICK project has a potential to become a real basis for all electric transport industry of China, making it possible to outrank all other countries for many years ahead. The representative of Longteng Fund Management added, that they consider introduction of ADGEX projects into Chinese economy by giving all necessary financial and governmental support.

Moreover, the greenBLAZE and energyBRICK projects became of a great interest to European Investment Council who invited our team to the conference and business meeting in June.