13 April 2018

On 12 of April 2018 ADGEX VITIM completed the 2nd step of the growth technology maturation, which was marked by a successful growth of cadmium tungstate crystal (CdWO4) using atmospheric chamber Genesis-AIR.

Within the scientific works, the company proved out all operational parameters of the chamber, set for synthesis of high-grade CWO crystals. The first synthesized crystal was grown in a strict compliance with the set parameters in a fully automated mode. Our specialists intentionally specified moderate growth indices – the weight was 0.5kg and the diameter - as little as 40mm. The growth chamber perfectly fulfilled the task and precisely followed the input data during the growth process.

The next stage of the crystal growth technology maturation for ADGEX VITIM is synthesizing of Cadmium Tungstate with addition of Zinc Molybdate CdZnMoO4. The present crystal represents a dark fast scintillator with superior characteristics to all current scintillators available on the global market.

Managing Director of ADGEX Mr. Victor Uzlov said that dark fast scintillators are highly sought product. ADGEX VITIM is planning to meet a high demand as the crystals we grow feature exceptional parameters.

Fast dark scintillator is used in new-generation screening systems, which make it possible to screen large moving objects on the move, (such as trains or vessels) without need to stop them for inspection. Introduction of CdZnMoO4 will definitely improve the technical specifications of the equipment, where such crystals are used.