19 March 2018

ADGEX ENERGY designed and successfully tested new universal unit, called SEVA, capable of generating electric and heat energy from exhaust fumes of industrial objects to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and negative environmental impact. SEVA encapsulated several progressive technologies of ADGEX ENERGY. Its operation is premised on utilization of the energy derived from emissions of all modern combustion engines and aggregates, notably internal combustion engines, gas boilers, turbines etc. It is a well-known fact that exhaust gases contain detrimental substances, which significantly pollute the environment.  It is estimated that exhaust energy amounts to 30% of all energy produced in the world. SEVA units are designed for both conversion of waste exhaust energy and utilization of all detrimental substances contained in exhausts. After treatment of exhaust fumes SEVA releases pure air with CO2 only, meaning that SEVA unit also serves as an “ecological utilizer” of all exhausts.  

Another unique and useful feature of SEVA, preventing global warming, is capability to convert heat energy released to the atmosphere into useful electric energy. SEVA has a high potential to considerably improve operation of large industrial objects, such as thermal power plants, heat supply stations of industrial enterprises, coal- and gas-fired power plants etc.

Moreover, SEVA can be effectively used as a “heat utilizer” in large data processing centers, such as BIG DATA, servers, and mining centers. Having introduced SEVA, our customers are able to derive useful energy from the heat, released by their equipment, that will give them opportunity to get additional energy resources and significantly cut the cost of 1 kWh of energy.

Managing Director of ADGEX Mr. Victor Uzlov said that the information about SEVA will be available on the company’s website shortly. For now, we have the first SEVA completely assembled and ready for a mass production. This is a household modification, which will become available for order from the end of March 2018. The present units are able to provide any residence with electric and heat power at any time of the year.  

There are no similar products in the world so far, so ADGEX assigns a high priority to this development.