20 February 2018

ADGEX intimates that BLAZE division conducted final tests of the greenBLAZE processor, designed for generation of electric energy, in the company’s production laboratory in the city of Tomsk, Russian Federation on 16 of February 2018. The tests were carried out to obtain initial feedstock volume parameters and effective power conversion indices of the processor. The testing results probed and proved the capacity indices, claimed by the design bureau of ADGEX BLAZE division. Current modification of the greenBLAZE processor is capable of converting 5 tons of organic materials per 1 hour into 4 MW of electric energy. Undeniably, this is an inimitable operating achievement of the BLAZE division.

Now ADGEX BLAZE team is conducting final adjustments of the processor structure and working out the major production modes. The given preparational works are associated with international presentation of the greenBLAZE processor to be held in the end of March 2018 in Russian Federation.