16 February 2018

ADGEX held the congratulatory event in its Russian office on Saint Petersburg on 10th of February 2018. Managing Director of the Company personally handed over the first water structurizers, designed and produced by ADGEX ENERGY division, to their rightful owners.

Electrochemical water structurizers of ADGEX ENERGY are designed to lower water redox (reduction potential), required for optimal water absorption. Nowadays due to environmental degradation and production growth, even high-quality water (product or bottled water) has no negative redox.

Water structurizers of ADGEX ENERGY makes it possible to turn the drinking water into a life-giving and health-improving water in a matter of minutes right at your place.

Owners, who were unable to attend the event on Sunday, will receive their structurizers by post at the earliest. The next goal of the ENERGY division is to design and produce industrial version of water structurizers for agricultural needs.

For any inquiries regarding the structurizers, price and order placement, please emails us at