12 February 2018

Today ADGEX ENERGY is working on the launch of mass production line for energyBRICK units. Within the preparational works, the team set a quite challenging task to double the capacity of the accumulating cell SEVA, keeping the same size and weights specifications. In other words, our technical specialists set up a goal to release the next generation of batteries in terms of production cycle, and the goal has been successfully achieved.

In the end of December, we initiated commercial testing of the upgraded SEVA cell. The first readings demonstrated brilliant results. The battery shown on the picture below is the first pre-production prototype of upgraded energyBRICK technology. The very first tests confirmed the correctness of our calculations and proved the viability of production technology we elaborated. Our team managed to produce the commercial-scale sample with the capacity of 200A∙h and significantly improve the batteries’ specifications. For instance, the upgraded SEVA cell can be charged with 500A current instead of just 250A in the previous version, at the same time, discharge current is now 800A under continuous load against 500A before. The next strategical step of the energyBRICK project development is production of a 240 A∙h accumulating cell.

Managing Director of ADGEX LTD Mr. Victor Uzlov said the capacity gain when size and mass specification remain the same make energyBRICK truly unique in both e-mobility and energy storage industries. This matchless and high-competitive advantage makes energyBRICK ultimate and indispensable energy solution for large infrastructural projects of any size and energy needs.