31 January 2018

In the end of 2017 ADGEX VITIM synthesised the first commercial-scale low-gradient single crystal “Zinc Tungstate Doped” under its own unique growth technology “Exceptional Environement”, using GENESIS-AIR growth chamber. Before the synthesis of ZnWO4 started, ADGEX’s specialists set major growth parameters and temperature mode. Afterwards, all growth processes, including rotation, orientation and pulling, were performed fully automatically without any operator intervention. Our software system, designed by ADGEX VITIM team specifically for the technology “Exceptional Environment” and growth chambers GENESIS-AIR, controlled and managed entire cycle of crystal synthesis.

ADGEX team is truly proud of our achievements. We synthesised high-quality crystal with low dislocating density. Undeniably, this is a historic step in formation of ADGEX VITIM!

Technical Director of ADGEX VITIM Dr. Andrey Genelev said that the synthesis of the first commercial-scale crystal ZnWO4 makes VITIM division and the whole ADGEX company move to an altogether new development level! Our next goal is to synthesise ultra-perfect crystal of a larger size. Being capable to grow the crystals in a fully automatic unmanned mode is the feature, making our growth method “Exceptional Environment” genuinely unmatched. Such approach allows us to grow truly ideal and unparalleled crystals.

Managing Director of ADGEX Mr. Victor Uzlov added that uniqueness of our growth chamber makes it possible to set up signature crystal growing mini-laboratories for any customer needs to synthesise necessary crystals around the globe.  

Introduction of such laboratories will cope with local demand for systems-on-crystal and take material engineering field to a distinctly different development level.